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The Book of Consciousness
Author:  Dr. Bara H. Loveland * Researcher of the Divine™

Book Description

What Is Consciousness?

Consciousness is the most mysterious, most magical and generally only vaguely defined term. Many groups, privately and at universities, are searching for the ultimate definition of Consciousness – why could they not find it? Can The Book of Consciousness embrace the answer? Could you first find the unheard-of definition of Consciousness in The Book of Consciousness – before replications? Discover it today!

The Reaches of Consciousness

The Book of Consciousness examines the far reaches of Consciousness and proves that the ancient texts like the Bible and East Indian scriptures, describe Consciousness; and even the Stone Age people obviously have known and named Consciousness! Such discoveries, based on original research of decades, go beyond present day dictionaries and school wisdom, and take on the question if God exists. Could atheists be right, or not completely wrong? Find out!

Mind Versus Spirituality

The Book of Consciousness will lead you to new insights into the limitations of the mind, the spirituality of Stone Age people, and the spiritual/energetic messages of diverse Bible symbols. The Book of Consciousness describes our divine energy fields, which have been symbolized in East Indian philosophies and Eastern religions, hidden in Mayan glyphs, Runes, Egyptian hieroglyphs, Chinese systems, the Kabbalah Tree of Life and even in the Bible (original research). Christ taught the energy fields, yet at present and since Roman times, the churches ignore such teachings. These energies, expressed in ancient symbols, are also found in Bio*Chakra™ Color Types, with an outline of famous color types like President Roosevelt and Nikola Tesla, given to you in The Book of Consciousness. With such knowledge, you may better understand others and yourself, and even seize the challenge to raise your intuition and your present IQ!

A New View on Health and the Laws of the Universe

It is The Book of Consciousness, reflecting on the number of possible dis-eases, when considered from a certain point of view. Could it be only two? Or rather …?  Unbelievable! You must see this for yourself! Could The Book of Consciousness reveal how many laws exist ultimately in the universe, deducted from the multivalent logic, not commonly taught? Be amazed!

Science and Magic

Could Science and Magic be as estranged as they are thought to be? The Book of Consciousness, illuminates the laborious methods of Science, which is often cruelly treating animals, and the effortless outcome reported of positive Magic and divine Love. Could Magic have a secret, which Science does not know about? Not yet? Or, is Science working this magical secret, but does not realize it, and thus cannot employ it to the fullest? Can color heal and magically change the DNA? (See, Archives, Hilites, by this author, Can Our DNA Think? 2005; and Consciousness Escapes the Mind; 2005) Will such insights change the hardship of life on earth? Can the “100th Monkey” make a delightful change happen for all life – with the speed of light? Could you possibly be this “100th Monkey?” Discover!

Archetypes, Symbols and Medicine

The Book of Consciousness defines Archetypes and Symbols in a new-ancient™ way (originally published in 1981 and 1982 by this author), further reprinting the discovery of this writer (first published in 1979) that neurosis is not a disease, but is created by social rules of misunderstanding. Are there Symbols of health? Is health “all in your head?” Is there a natural, rejuvenating remedy in the head, the ancients knew about – our true medicine (from Latin medius, middle – halfway between the phsical and the divine)? Is this “medi-cine” mentioned in the Bible? Could there be a Spirit Gate and symbolic/energetic meditation exercises, assisting the body in producing this medicine? Detect it today!

Unique Addendum

You may enjoy the glossary found in The Book of Consciousness, with partly new definitions by the author and a listing of names of God (not found in any dictionary). Could New-Age wisdom be in the Bible? A brief New-Age Bible Concordance in The Book of Consciousness gives proof that our God-given energy fields were known in the Old and New Testaments, and that they are contained in parables of Christ. Indeed, our divine energy fields are the main topic of the Bible – besides the adoration of God (original research). Can The Book of Consciousness decipher certain biblical symbols and the mysterious sentence, which Christ spoke on the cross? If so, it would truly explain the “lost years” of Christ! – If you are a Jungian therapist, a theologist, philosopher, healer, archaeologist, instructor, counselor, scientist or interested reader, you may want to get this book and find Oneness – before you may find yourself clueless how others have expanded their conscious into Consciousness! You too, may want to draw closer to Consciousness!

Discover a New Reading Experience

Realize that there are several, essential and original insights, not published elsewhere before The Book of Consciousness. An original style, blending science and spirituality, examples and experiences, humor and practicality on 640 pages with 40 figures (drawings and tables) makes this book a new reading experience! Created mainly from original research in naturally altered states of awareness, which you, too, can enter at will. Forthwith, from this web site, you may want to order your copy of The Book of Consciousness, and within days discover the best guarded secrets of humankind, written on Stone Age walls!

Book Genre
Specialty Books – as yet not found anyplace else!
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